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Tired of playing the same old card game of Solitaire? Then you will love this cool variation of the classic game. Introducing Kings in the Corner.

Also known as the Kings Corner card game, it calls for a standard deck of cards. In real life, this game is played by two to four players. The goal for each player is to use their hand ahead of his or her opponents. It is a game who gets to do his or her thing first. This card game is also a wonderful introduction to the fundamental gameplay of Solitaire, following virtually the same set of rules.

The Kings Corner game starts with the dealer giving seven cards to each player. The rest of the cards are positioned in the middle of the table.

Then the players will put forward one card each. They will turn their individual cards over, placing them as one of the four sides; in this instance, it will look like the cards are positioned as the four directions—north, south, east, and west. These four cards are the foundation piles.

The Kings in the Corner board game will start with the player to the left of the dealer taking one card from the center pile. During his or her turn, the first player can make as many plays as may be possible; the goal is to get rid of as many cards as he or she can during this turn. Once the player no longer has any valid moves, it will be the next player’s turn.


Valid Moves of Kings in the Corner

It may not be as popular as Solitaire, but it is also an equally fun and engaging card challenge. Wondering how to play this wonderful game? Here are the Kings Corner card game rules, starting with the valid moves that you can make when it is your turn.

You start by playing a card on the foundation pile. To do that, the card you play must be below the foundation card in rank and opposite in color. So if you see a Nine of Spades on the foundation pile, you can only play an Eight of Hearts or Diamonds. The rule of card sequence and opposite colors must be followed, just like you would in Solitaire. For purposes of putting cards in the foundation pile, Aces are the lowest of these cards.

Now, to give meaning to having the “King in the Corner,” the King cards are the only ones that you can play in the corner; that is, space created when you position the cards like a cross in the foundation pile. Please note that the King cards are the highest of all cards in the Kings in the Corner board game.


Rules of Foundation Pile

There will come a moment when you need to move an entire foundation pile onto another foundation pile. Here are the rules. If the top card of the pile that you are going to move creates a valid sequence with the bottom card of the receiving pile, then the move is permissible. Even if the cards have just been dealt, you can do this move whenever the circumstances permit you to do so.

After you made the move of an entire foundation pile, then there becomes a vacancy in the allotted space. What you can do is play any card or sequence of cards in that vacated spot.


Kings in The Corner Winning

The first player to get rid of all his cards wins. So your goal is to become the first to lay off the cards. Ideally, you need to make all valid moves during your turn. This includes creating sequences by placing all permissible cards in the foundation pile. It is only when you have no more valid moves that the turn moves to the next player.


Variation of Solitaire

If you are aware of the gameplay and rules of Solitaire, then you can easily follow this game. The Kings in the Corner board game is essentially a multiplayer version of the popular solo-player card game. In Solitaire, other people can help you out in creating sequences and arranging the cards until you manage to pile all of them accordingly. But that is not the case in the Kings Corner card game.

Here, there is no interaction. You are all alone in playing the game. The strategy is all up to you. So it is up to you to recognize all possible patterns and sequences that may arise as you make your permissible moves during your turn.

In Solitaire, if you have a bad hand, you can draw another card until you find one that is suitable for creating sequences or combinations. But in the Kings Corner game, if you have a bad hand, then that is it; there is nothing you can do to improve it. You are left to pass the turn to the next player, hoping your cards are good to play in the next turn.

If you enjoy playing Solitaire, the Kings in the Corner game is a wonderful variation. It is enjoyable and highly addictive. Because it is a multiplayer card game, it is more engaging too. And so are the other awesome Card Games on the website like Solitaire and Spider Solitaire Classic!

Game Features

  • Cool graphics
  • Simply rules
  • Easy-to-follow gameplay
  • Challenges your strategy and analytical skills
  • Highly entertaining and a great way to pass the time

Check out these game screenshots.

Kings in the Corner Screenshot
Kings in the Corner Screenshot

Kings in the Corner Fun Alternative to Solitaire | Free Game